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Chartered Psychologist and Accredited Psychotherapist, Dr Peter Sear works with individuals on Personal and Professional Development, including Leadership, Relationships, Communication, also Mental Health, Wellbeing, and ADHD. Working one-one in person or on-line, usually once a week.

Workshops can be tailored for group work, including team cohesion and developing empathy. 


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Dr Peter Sear can help you with:

    • Burnout 
    • Mental Health
    • Anxiety
    • Personal Development
    • Leadership and Empathy
    • Adult ADHD
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Releasing Creativity
    • Relationships


Bio Peter Sear Founder Empathic Minds Organisation Ele empathy

Dr Peter Sear CPsychol, FRSA

Peter earned his PhD at the highly regarded Institute for Sport Business, at Loughborough University.

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Dr Peter Sear is a Chartered Psychologist and Accredited Psychotherapist.

Peter’s PhD: Understanding Empathic Leadership in Sport, involved learning from elite coaches, working at the highest national and international level of team sports. Peter has also worked with professionals in Business, Education, Mental Health, and Design. His other interests include neuroscience, neuropsychoanalysis, architecture, literature and art.

As well as a PhD, Peter also holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, an MA in Human Resource Management, and another MA in Jung and Post-Jungian Studies. Peter is an Accredited Senior member of the ACCPH Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts (FRSA), a member of the British Psychological Society (Cpsychol)), a member of the Foundation for Leadership through Sport (FLS), and writes for a variety of publications.

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Accredited Senior Member of ACCPH
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“Empathic practices have been shown to increase: wellbeing, safety, productivity, efficiency, commitment, retention, innovation, motivation, and performance.”

Dr Peter Sear, Founder of The Empathic Minds Organisation

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