How We Can Help

How we can help you: 


Our advice, coaching, workshops, trainings, and seminars can be tailored to your needs and goals, whether these are personal, for teams, or whole organisations. Her are just some of potential benefits of a more empathic approach: 

Increasing Productivity:

Engaged employees have fewer sick days and are more passionate about their work. People fulfil their potential and produce more when doing what they want to do not what they have to do.

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation:

In safe climates people are more creative and confident to put forward their ideas. 

Developing Great Leadership:

Your leadership can be improved with empathic practices and a different perspective. Through one-to-one coaching, you will develop the skills required to become an empathic leader and learn how nurture empathy starting with self empathy.

Creating Safer Spaces:

Our assessments, workshops and coaching will alter the emotional climate of your organisation, creating safe spaces for people to thrive and become more creative. Psychological safety improves staff retention and attracts talent. Absenteeism is reduced and people feel healthier and happier.

Improving Workspaces:

The design of your workplace influences the emotions and behaviours of those within it. Empathic workplace design enhances performance and wellbeing. Empathic workspaces will also help influence retention and attract talent. We will provide advice and recommend changes, or play an advisory role in the design of new spaces.

Understanding Customers:

Organisations should know their customers and this knowledge requires constant updating. We will you to develop empathic behaviours, and tailor research aimed at gaining a better understanding of customer perspectives. Your customers will soon notice and appreciate the difference.

Developing  Cohesive Teams:

Colleagues who understand each other form cohesive groups and successful teams. Through our workshops, we will help you to develop empathy in your teams and across the organisation so that it becomes part of the culture.

Improving Communication:

We will help you cultivate empathic styles of communication that maintain clarity and respect, and enrich relationships.

Recruiting the Right People:

Empathy now features on job specifications in all industries, although it is not easy to measure. Organisations cannot rely on the applicant’s self-evaluation and psychometric tests are not always the best solution. We will help you to assess and recruit empathic individuals, to enhance the workforce they join and play a role in organisational success.

Workshops for Schools and Academies:

The leaders of tomorrow will be expected to lead with empathy. Looking at role models in areas of interest such as sport forms a focus of our workshops, along with the chance for participants to gain a deeper understanding of empathy and the style of empathic leadership.

Socially Distanced Learning

In the current climate, to maintain safe spaces, one-to-one online sessions can be employed where preferred. 


Across Industries

Whether you work in the emotional cauldron of elite sport, or you are battling away on the front line in medicine, or you have teachers and pupils to lead, there will be empathic practices which help you to succeed and that allow others to fulfil their potential.

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Empathy is the major component of emotional intelligence. It makes leaders more resilient, more powerful, and more popular! It’s no longer viewed as a “soft” skill!